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Number of Trucks


$0 /month

  • Update your profile, including contact info, cargo and shipment types, and terminal locations
  • Add a logo and company bio to build your online presence
  • Receive a dedicated landing page to collect reviews
  • View, reply to, and report reviews for increased customer service
  • Embed an email signature widget to promote your reviews
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$25 /month

Everything from Free, plus:

  • Add a banner image to your profile
  • Upload images, videos, and other marketing materials to your profile
  • Access to detailed analytics on your profile traffic, reviews, and search performance
  • Embed reviews and star rating widgets on your website
  • Build and manage custom reference pages
  • Automate your review collection
  • $100 in gift cards for review incentives
  • Receive a dedicated customer success rep
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$48 /month

Everything from Startup, plus:

  • Remove competitor advertising from your profile
  • Advertise through sponsored content on competitor profiles
  • Promote yourself through sponsored search placement (coming soon)
  • Access to a concierge onboarding service
  • 24/7 support with a priority 4 hour first response time
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